Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Holy Week Holy Friends

Christians throughout the world recognize this season, this week, as a sacred time of remembering the redemptive sacrifice of Jesus for the salvation of the world. It is a deeply sad yet richly joyous time.
  I find myself with mixed emotions not only as I recall the Passion of my Lord, but as Leslie and I go through this last week together.
  You see, Leslie is leaving; Friday—Good Friday—will be her last day here. Her husband's job is taking their family to a city four hours away. Not so far, I suppose but still, not around the corner either. Like the disciples with Jesus, we've had three years together, and now our time is up.
  It is no coincidence that the Bible study she led (that I will take over) is not meeting this week. The Sunday School class we co-teach is not meeting on Easter Sunday. Altogether I have the feeling that life is in suspension, and I am waiting for the new thing that is coming.
  How appropriate that this new beginning should take place at Easter time. No matter how much Leslie tells me that ‘she’s not that far,’ and that we’ll Skype often, and drive to meet halfway every month, and that we’ll finally be able to put our talks into writing—no matter all that, I still mourn for her and for the season that is passing away.  Could this be how the disciples felt when they heard Jesus talk of his imminent death during that first Holy Week they spent with him in Jerusalem? How could they have understood what Easter morning would bring?
  Well, Leslie and I have the advantage of knowing what Easter means. We look forward to better times. There is a sweetness that remains when sorrow is past, and it is our joy to begin this adventure of God at the Center.
  May this Holy Week bring to you a deep and lasting joy born of the Resurrection.